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PikMEN | Buff Pikmin Figurines Inspired by Pikmin 4 Characters



Note that your order will ship unassembled and unpainted unless the “Painted” variation is ordered.

Welcome to our Buff Pikmin fan art collection, an inspired blend of the Pikmin characters and bodybuilder aesthetics! These 3D printed Pikmin powerlifters, crafted with a nod to the Pikmin 4 game, are perfect for fans and collectors who appreciate a fun twist.

Each 8 inch tall Musclemin PikMEN figurine is meticulously printed with high-quality resin to capture every ripped muscle and detailed vein. Crafted with care and humor, these Pikmin have truly been hitting the (flower) gym. Please note that while these Pikmin might look tough, they’re actually delicate in nature and require gentle handling.

Choose from our Gymmin versions of the iconic Red, Blue, and Yellow Pikmin, now with six-packs included. And for the painting enthusiasts among you, we offer these bodybuilder Pikmin in three different finishes: unpainted, primed in white, or painted in vibrant, game-accurate colors.

If you prefer a colored version of the figurine, simply send us a message, and we’ll be happy to assist you. Enjoy special savings when you purchase all three Pikmin as a set: it’s like having your very own Pikmin weightlifting team!

When purchasing unpainted or primed options, you can exercise your creative freedom to add your own personal touch. Whether it’s painting them in bold colors or detailing their tiny muscle lines, your Buff Pikmin can be truly unique.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Pikmin, now with a buffed up twist. Display these delightful figurines as a testament to your love for the series and your appreciation for the playful absurdity of bodybuilder Pikmin. Whether you’re a fan, collector, or looking for a special gift, these Pikmin powerlifters are sure to bring a joyous flex to your gaming collection.


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